Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sneak *Master copy #13 -100's Challenge

Right steady moving forward, cleaner spacing and arcs. Was thrilled this was the speed Ken Harris intended to move, very zippy not what I expected. Holding the mirror and looking at the reflection like a painting to see it with new eyes. Called it done, for this one.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soccer Bop # 12 - 100's Challenge

Back in Effect! This was really a struggle on the arms, had to really think of opposing actions, lead and follow. Because it looked so mechanical, and had to be loosened out, making everything whip out.

This a great one on Agility for Body-Mechanics mastery. You must constantly push to the next level through purposeful practice in order to get better, be challenged to grow and evolve. And try to be conscious and not in auto-pilot when doing the whole thing.

88 more to go, very excited to see how the animation will be after, learned tons as always.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Do you have it? This is a crucial asset on your journey to Animation. Here my old school 1st Short movie " The Haunted House" a thesis you might say, this took 4 years to put together and animate. I was told it was ambitious, it just made me work harder to finishing it. I love all aspects of filmmaking from acting to set design, being your own studio, which was only a dream for animators a few years before me.

I knew my lucky break, and was not going to take it for granted. All can be done when you put your mind into it, take risks to fail, because at least you know you have a chance than, choosing not to do anything and for sure not having any. My mantra is I'd rather die trying to reach my goals, than die regretting that I never tried. Sincere effort. A quote from the documentary movie Dogtown and the Z-Boys, what's started it all.

" You only have one chance in this and thats it." - Stacy Peralta

Keep Rockin <----------

Its all about planning, this is the Animatic that foreshadowed the finished product

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fancy Pre-Viz Animatic

This was an old Storyboarded out clip from a Narration of the Shogun Assassin movie. Luckily I did not see before this was conceived. Feels so good to finish something that was started on 2006 from a class. It's all Anime/ prince Achmed style marionette 2d puppets with limited key drawings. And the 4 value limited Technique of color for total readability. Two crazy 3d shorts in production, coming soon.

* The almighty "Story"