Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes,, its the same reel but can you spot the difference? The 1st one was in the dreaded underwater syndrome..Totally lost track and gotten tunnel vision( this gets worse on the last part when your starting to wrap up and finish) , it's very important to get in mind that animation is a team sport and getting feed back from other people is KEY! and give more time at the end to plus and finesse cause its really the make it or break it part.

So I fixed this up as far as I could, thanks to a corner turning crit, that I'm happy with it, that I can leave it for another Reel to start up again... HA HA. gonna keep the old one as a reminder how easy it is to think the shots on point when its not. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets all make it happen and out do, last years MASTERPIECE!