Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes,, its the same reel but can you spot the difference? The 1st one was in the dreaded underwater syndrome..Totally lost track and gotten tunnel vision( this gets worse on the last part when your starting to wrap up and finish) , it's very important to get in mind that animation is a team sport and getting feed back from other people is KEY! and give more time at the end to plus and finesse cause its really the make it or break it part.

So I fixed this up as far as I could, thanks to a corner turning crit, that I'm happy with it, that I can leave it for another Reel to start up again... HA HA. gonna keep the old one as a reminder how easy it is to think the shots on point when its not. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets all make it happen and out do, last years MASTERPIECE!

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  1. Herman,
    I really enjoyed your reel. Three good pieces. 51 seconds is a good length of time showing your stuff too. The first scene with the rapper is nice, you have some fun posing in there. The only thing I would look at here is I think you may be missing some mouth shapes to really sell the lyrical dialogue. I can't really tell with YouTube not allowing frame by frame viewing but I think there are some open/close poses for the mouth you may need. I think the bank robbery scene is your strongest. You have some really entertaining motion in there. The robbers acting is done well, nice expressions and reactions. The basketball scene, the walk is done very well but the scene runs a bit long. It feels like 10 seconds of him walking and dribbling, which I guess it really is right? He does switch hands for a second but I think you need more in this scene to show what you can do with him. Like, maybe end it by him speeding up and dribbling faster going screen left and right out of camera and then face to your outro. I dont know, just what I thought man, please let me know what you think of my work.