Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do your thing.. "Persistence"

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for me on my path to being an Animator was the "Hater's" and "Jealous" folk.
Sound familiar? " People can't make living or money from art" or " You will make money from your paintings, only when you have died". What kind of stuff is that to tell someone that found something they are good at and have fun doing.

Since they see you happy, focused, and dedicated pursuing your dreams in life and working to make it a reality..
They must sense that super energy (You get when finding what you love to do " Direction") and positive vibe. And they will try to crush it, because it challenges, and questions their life, future, and being a loser. Their existence basically, so they might see you consciously or un-consciously as a threat to their superiority, or what's twisted. So I set out on proving these "Jerk's" were wrong. It's all about "Going above and beyond anything you set out to do" and " Sincere effort". Never worry, when practicing this.. it leaves them all behind..

A great proof I've received was getting to work in an Art School with these Teachers that were Industry Pros. This was revealed to me by going up to Mike Butkus's studio, on the school premises. His work was a who's who in the business and movies. The man was an Art machine, seeing his family, gadgets and stuff. And he showed me Storyboard revision crits from Robert Zumeckis on his work.
So it "Clicked" you can make money, support a family, afford expensive things and have fun with art, it is all totally possible and real. I learned so much from him, a good one was preparation, he would set up his desk project for speed and efficiency. He would tape his pencil sharpener next to his drawing and in an angle in the best place to stab, and get back to drawing, to rock his deadlines.

Armed with this knowledge, now I was determined to be a great Animator. What to do? Simplify your focus, write down 1 or 2 small (too many will not be as effective) goals toward the big goals and make a strict deadline. Ignore those who don't approve on what your doing, a good one I heard was " It's gonna take that long?" well.. that time is going to pass anyway, after that time you will have that knowledge, and the other person is still in the same place just complaining, rotting, useless.

Fill your head with great ideas, projects, list them, and line them up to do. Never allow negative thoughts of naysayers in your mind or they will win. These mindset skills was shared in Bobby Beck's blog .
I thought this was just me, but it happens to a lot of goal achievers. I wanted to give back, to the community, and to help the true.. annoyed by this.

Keep that all or nothing mindset " If your gonna do it, do it right, or don't do it at all" No half-ass work, your just cheating yourself. Trust me it shows, when you don't push yourself, the time you put in especially. Stay strong, motivated and always encourage people to do their best and *keep doing your thing. See what happens when you don't give up.

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