Thursday, December 15, 2011


*Warning : Explicit Adult Language

Ran into this very real powerful info from Joe Rogan. If your into "Life Progression" as me you'll appreciate this. Understand "Truth" be awakened, evolve, and reach your dreams..

Interesting concept : to do it for the skill mastery and enjoyment, not for the cash. Cause when you get cash you get lazy and wacked. This is what happens to dope bands when they start.. they rock, and when they blow up.. they get lame. ****But,,Since your doing it for progression and the money comes, you will just keep progressing because money had nothing to do with it, and you won't get stuck and be a one hit wonder.. Check it!

This is about staying clear from losers and negative folks:

To deal with Hater's. When you have life direction, others will try to get in your way conscious and or unconsciously.


This makes sense