Sunday, October 21, 2012

Urgent Skit Done

Got this one out, quite happy with the outcome.  Fun obstacles to overcome and learn as usual.  Next is "Don't Litter" Commercial , Spidey and Doc Ock blocking, Bk's for Ski Dazzle.  Good times!  Took a year for the "Wrestlin" one to finish and I had to basically re-learn phrasing and dialogue again since I was in body physics mode .  Oh Well..


  1. Let me ask you something. I'm wondering, why do you work in 3D computer animation, and if you had the choice, is it the medium you'd decide to work in? I'm asking because I think that for people working on small CG projects it makes more sense to draw in 3D because it's truer to personal expression. It seems less constrained than using rigged puppets most of the time. I don't know if memory constraints rule out drawing in 3D frame by frame, but if they don't, then you could use a program called SANDDE to draw everything in 3D.

    Here's their YouTube channel:

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    2. Hi GW, I love 3d its like stopmotion but more forgiving. And you do the whole thing from start to finish, unlike 2d that you do the key drawings and hand it off to your assistant for the inbetweens. 2d is still the best since there is no limits and when I get my drawing chops up I will play with it. My workflow is heavily rooted in the 2d style. That Sandde looks interesting, thanks for sharing. Cheers