Saturday, September 17, 2011

Immortal Work

It is normal not to be satisfied with your work, that is a mark of someone pushing to be the best they can. From what I've ran into just doing the work and earning that 10 thousand hours and getting those thousands of ugly drawings (animations) you should be in a better controllable state. Here is a great quote to the Dream chasers/ Craft pushers out there from Orison Swett Marden: *Regard your work as Stradivari regarded his violins, which he made for "eternity". And not one of which, was ever known to come to pieces or break. When a piece of work leaves your hand it should bear your "recommendation". Below is a great shot breakdown I found, to a great poem piece from a inspirational movie Dead Poets Society.

From a Painting background, I've seen people get good but just do that same template piece and are just satisfied with that alone, not pushing to the next level, challenging themselves, exploring new possibilities, just getting by with mediocrity. In my opinion how you feel( i.e bored, angry) when you paint a painting ( I think this may happen too in animation or any other art form) is transferred to your work and is reflected back to the audience/ viewer. Just an observation of mine, you can definitely tell/ feel the innovators and pioneer trail blazers.

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