Sunday, September 4, 2011

Learning from People

Knowledge from experience is very valuable. I treasure it always, it might not be understood at the moment of hearing it. But the illumination that strikes later or at the time, saves energy and time to progress faster. My favorite one was when I was like in my 20's and this man spoke to me and told me, "Wow your wheels are spinning". I guess he meant I'm doing big things, because I've started being productive and trying to be great in Art.

He passed along this great advice, "Don't trip too much on yourself on how you look right now (negatively), because years later you'll know it was bullshit and you'd waste all this time. And you've already been cool all along" something in this realm I tried to recreate. But this was, something very profound, and helpful to get me light years beyond my peers.

To that, collecting wisdom, advice, comparing notes with others has always been fun for me. The feeling is captured here, gonna check out these books soon. But the vids are pushers. But just filter out, the "Stay in comfort zone ones" and there is a BIG difference where the advice is from.

E.g. I shared my dream and the extra hours I put in after work to be a great pro Animator to a owner of this accounting firm next door to my present non art job and his reply was "Working two jobs, huh.. that's how I did it too. You can do it".
Compared to someone in a crap job venting on you, will bring you down or make you feel guilty to make them not question themselves on why they don't have the guts to do what your doing . On the hours you spend trying to get closer to your dream.

I heard this in some interview about a guy up on a podium winning an Oscar or Academy award upon his speech he say's " This is for all of you people, that spend that one hour a day trying to reach you dreams". -----> Let's Go!

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